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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Activate?
When you launch SourceDebug the first time, select Help > Manage License. You will be prompted to either enter a serial number. You do not need a serial number for SourceDebug Trial version.
SourceDebug will then activate your license using our licensing system. After a second or two, your license will be activated and you won't have to activate again.
When you activate a license, you can still make most hardware changes without invalidating the installation.

Q: Can I activate SourceDebug more than once?
The SourceDebug license allows you to activate SourceDebug on a single computer. You cannot share the license with other users.

Q: How do I get a serial number?
When you purchase a license, you will be provided with a valid license serial number. It is usually emailed to you.

Q: Do I need a serial number for SourceDebug Trial?
You do not need a serial number for SourceDebug Trial. A special Trial serial number will be automatically assigned to you when you begin SourceDebug Trial.

Q: What happens if I change my hardware?
It is very unlikely that changing your hardware will invalidate your license activation.

Q: What if I re-install Windows and re-install SourceDebug?
When you re-install and run SourceDebug, you will be prompted to activate again. However, that is mainly to refresh the license on your computer, and won't count as a new activation.

Q: How can I tell if the SourceDebug program and the included tools are free from malware and not tampered with?
The program SourceDebug is signed using the Authenticode code signing certificate. To see if it is signed correctly and not tampered with, right-click on the .exe file in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Click the Digital Signatures tab. You should see the signature in the list. Select it and click Details to drill down and see the signature and certificate information.

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